Why are there two versions of the magazine?

We designed The Heretic Magazine predominantly to be read and enjoyed on the iPad. However, we felt that we could also offer a slimmed down version for Kindle so that the widest possible audience could appreciate The Heretic Magazine.


Which version should I buy?

If you own an iPad, you can take advantage of the iPad version of The Heretic Magazine and read our issues in the iBooks App.

If you don’t own an iPad, you should head for the Kindle editions of each olume.


Is the content identical in both the iPad and Kindle editions?

You get ALL the Articles and Features in each of our volumes, no matter which edition you buy, however the iPad version has much more colour, and many more images than the Kindle version, as well as interactive galleries, video and other features that the Kindle cannot display. The Kindle edition is mostly plain text together with the best images from the iPad version. You still get all the great writing, no matter which edition you purchase, but the iPad version is much more immersive.

See the screenshots on the Buy page for a side by side comparison.


I don’t have a Kindle Reader, can I still read the Kindle edition?

If you don't have a Kindle Reading Device you can still buy The Heretic Magazine and read it on your iPhone or Android device, or PC or Mac with Amazon's free software. Amazon have also recently released a brilliant Cloud Reader, which even allows you to read Kindle Books in your browser.

Visit this Amazon page for details of all their software and readers.


Is there a paper edition of The Heretic Magazine?

No, we are a digital magazine only at this time.


I am loving the content, when is Volume 6 out?

We are aiming to have Volume 6 out sometime before the end of 2014.





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