What Do You Believe? 

We’re a new publication with a time honoured tradition; Heresy.

The Heretic Magazine is an exciting, 21st century digital quarterly, incorporating video, digital art and some of the most forward-thinking writers of our age.


Our goal is to combine the work of the leaders in esoteric thought with new voices, and fresh ideas that challenge the status quo.

Our ethos is simple. Question the truth. Respect the facts. At The Heretic Magazine, we honour heretics past, present and future by examining provocative subjects with innovative research.

The question is, are you a heretic?

By definition, a heretic is someone who dares to tell his or her truth, without fear of consequence. In the past, heretics were persecuted for what they believed. Today, they are rewarded with a voice in this magazine.


The Heretic Magazine is the creation of Editor Andrew Gough and Creative Director Mark Foster. Each is a researcher, writer and enthusiast of the esoteric. Together they have created a contemporary magazine featuring the best and most compelling writers who explore complex subjects with clarity, insight and style.

The Heretic Magazine is also the only publication of its kind to have been designed for the digital age from its conception. It infuses video, interactive text and images that showcase the work of its writers in a variety of digital formats.

The Heretic Magazine


Volume 3

Our current edition contains over 15 fascinating articles written by a variety of cross disciplinary experts and subject area enthusiasts in the fields of Alternative History, Lost Civilisations and Technologies, Mysteries and Conundrums, Rennes-le-Château, the Occult, Politics, Science and more. No magazine offers more specialized esoteric content than The Heretic.

Edited and collated by Andrew Gough, Volume 4 features (alphabetically) Robert Bauval, Dawn Bramadat, Robert Eisenman, Ralph Ellis, Lorraine Evans, Robert Feather, Mark Foster, Andrew Gough, Bradbury Cort Lindahl, Tim Wallace-Murphy, Steven Myers, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, David Rohl, Ian Robertson, Freddy Silva and Lucy Wyatt. Once again we have compiled a stellar collection of thought-provoking articles and features. See a full list of the content inside Volume 4.


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Volume 3

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